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Mama DeCampo's Sunday Supper
Every Sunday | 5pm - 10pm


1115 2nd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55403

We are located on the ground level of the Hotel Ivy, a historic landmark in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.  Seven miles of skyway connect guests to such attractions as the Convention Center, Nicollet Mall, Orchestra Hall, and the Guthrie Theatre. 
We offer Complimentary Valet to our lunch and dinner guests.

PHONE 612-353-6207

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Mama DeCampo's Sunday Supper  Every Sunday | 5pm - 10pm

Mama DeCampo's Sunday Supper
Every Sunday | 5pm - 10pm

Enter the basement bar...

Enter the basement bar...

Our philosophy at Monello is to first and foremost be known as genuine. We practice genuine hospitality: Every person is truly welcome here and is treated as though they were guests in our own homes. We offer genuine Italian fare: Our menu reflects the rich culinary traditions of Italy, particularly the Campania region along the southwest coast, long celebrated for its diversity and abundance.

At Monello, we celebrate a culinary tradition that weaves the charm of rustic simplicity with the inherent elegance of fresh ingredients. We are reacquainting folks with true Italian fare, one that dives into the sea for spiny urchin and treks the brushy land for wild rabbit; that celebrates the abundance of the farmer’s field and the fisherman’s boat. We make thoughtful use of every ingredient, taking proper care to ensure the expression of the chef’s vision does not overpower the expression of the ingredient itself.




Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.
Monello group dining experts create an enhanced dining experience for you and your guests.
Send us an email to events@monellompls.com with your details.